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In Chhattisgarh, a festival is celebrated on Sharad Purnima which is called Chher-Chhera. On this day, young boys collect food grains and vegetables from the people and later the entire youth community celebrates picnic on the occasion of the festival. Two boys from the village, Jhanglu and Manglu flirted with Shanti and Manti on the festival day. Meanwhile, Jhanglu falls in love with Manti. Instead of Jhanglu, Manti’s father merry Manti to a very rich sarpanch. Now Jhanglu goes out with his friends in search of Manti. Boys disguise themselves as the people of Dewar caste and reach the village of Sarpanch. Tease him and fool him in different ways. At that time, Shankar Parvati is being worshiped in the village, which is called "Gaur-Gauri". Manti is also there in ritual. During this time, Jhanglu drives his girlfriend away. The play ends with the songs of victory of love.