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Charan, the Thief is constructed as a folk tale about a thief who promises his guru that he will never tell a lie. As per the plot the guru asks Charan to give up his bad habits if he wants to become his disciple. On hearing thisCharan attempts to show his sincerity by offering never to do four things- eat off golden plates ride an elephant at the head of a procession, marry a queen and accept the throne of a country. The guru then tells him that since he had so generously undertaken to give up four things on his own account, he should also undertake to give up one little thing - lying - at his guru ‘s request The thief consents and that is how the promise comes to pass.

Director’s Note
They story has a a relevance that I have tried to exploit to the full. I have written the paly with my folk actors, all of them improvisers, rather than with a pen. The same technique is adopted when directing. Indeed it is this technique that I have been persistently trying to prefect over the years with the help of that rural artists who form the professional hard core of Naya Theatre.